First of all we need to know with which transportation means you wish to send your merchandise. Packing for maritime transportation is quite different from a
packing for aerial transportation. It is however often the case that several means of transport are being used for one shipment. A truck going from Brussels to
London must cross the Channel. That means that we also need to take into account that there could be special demands for maritime packing, or for
transportation through the Channel. Your truck can easily be loaded with goods of more than 2 meters high, but can they also be charged on a plain ? Your
packing could be looking quite differently from what you originally had in mind. 
In order to save you a lot of trouble and unpleasant surprises however, you can always count on the extended experience and the advice of our staff

The choice of materials also depends on other factors. What is the nature of the goods that need to be packed ? Does the interior packing need to be
antistatic and impermeable to humidity, as for sensitive electronics or machines ? Does it take extra shock-proof material for fragile goods ? Or a double
platform, as required for heavy industrial machines ? Does your packing need locks ? Hinges ? A reinforced interior packing ? All of this is perfectly possible
with demonstration and other kinds of materials. It offers you the possibility to use your packing several times, so you can save money. This kind of
applications facilitate customs recognitions and avoid the risk of damage. Whenever possible we will pack the goods so that the serial numbers are visible, if
necessary by making a "window" in the packing. 

Goods that have been badly packed, result in claims for damage, waste of time and can even lead to loss of customers. We guarantee you a gain of time in a
safe way, which is not always easy, but perfectly possible with our help.